Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We uphold the quality of all of our products. If you receive an item you are not happy with we will refund the item or provide a replacement at no cost with your following order. In some cases we may ask you to return the item to us so that we can return the product to the vendor for investigation pertaining to the issue. Please notify us of any issues as soon as possible so that we can quickly make things right.

Basket Customization

Our bread and produce subscription baskets contain a curated selection that changes on a weekly basis based on season and availability. You can customize your basket for the upcoming week’s delivery from Friday noon until Sunday 11 p.m. If you don’t customize your basket by the customization deadline you will receive the week’s default curated basket.


You can skip your upcoming delivery (entire delivery, or individual subscription products in your basket) in your account from Friday noon until Sunday 11 p.m. Please email or call us If you would like to skip for multiple weeks, or a week(s) in the future and we will process it for you. 


Subscription renewals (billing) take place on the Monday morning of your delivery week. You do not need to do anything for this to happen as this will be processed automatically. Please update us of any changes to your billing information or update this in your account under “payment methods”. If we are unable to process payment, after multiple attempts we may have to place your orders on hold until we retrieve payment for the order. We will do our best to avoid this.

Ordering Process

To add extra items from the market to your order, you can visit the website starting the Friday at noon before your delivery week. Login and shop by adding items to your cart and checking out (your information will already be visible in your account at checkout). Any items added by Monday morning at 10am will arrive with your delivery that week. We will do our best to accommodate late order but cannot guarantee they will arrive that week.


We deliver on different days of the week depending on your location. We will email you when you sign up to give you your delivery day and time window. Delivery is contactless so you do not need to be home, but we do prefer you to be available soon after your delivery to retrieve the contents and put them away. The order will be delivered to your front doorstep unless otherwise indicated by you. 

Apartments/Condos – Due to COVID our delivery drivers do not enter into condo or apartment buildings but we are happy to leave your bag in a location near or just inside the front doors for you to retrieve.

Perishable Items (e.g. meat, dairy) – We take the utmost care in safely pack and transport temperature sensitive foods. We recommend that you be home to accept your delivery if you are ordering items such as these. If a delivery is made when you are not home we cannot take responsibility for the quality or safety of these items after they have been delivered.


You may cancel your subscription anytime in your account. You can cancel your entire subscription or individual subscription products at your leisure. If you cancel by Sunday at 11 p.m. you will not receive a delivery the following week. If you skip after the week’s cancelation deadline you will receive the week’s delivery as your last delivery. 

Item Availability & Substitutions 

We receive all the produce for your order the day of or soon before your delivery day. In the event a produce item we have received from our farmers is not suitable for delivery (e.g. over-ripe, low quality) we will try to replace it with a comparable item and notify you of the change. If you are not happy with the alternative please let us know and we will refund you for the item.


Once you sign up, we will communicate with you via email and sometimes by phone if more pressing discussion is required. By signing up you agree to accept communications, notices and information from us in these ways.

Reusable Cooler Bags and Ice Packs

We deliver in cooler bags that we disinfect and reuse to reduce waste and keep your food protected from the elements. There is a $10 deposit at sign up for the cooler bag. If you cancel you can decide to keep your bag and forfeit this deposit or return the bag to us for a full refund. We also use frozen ice packs and bottles to keep your items cold. We reuse these as well so please do not drink them. You can return them in your bag at the time of your next delivery.

Marketing Promotions & Referrals

Sign up promotions can be applied only once per person, address or account. If you refer a friend you and they will receive a $10 referral discount. This discount will be applied to your friend’s order at sign up and your account once they have placed and paid for one order. The person referred must be a new sign up.

Questions or Comments

If you have any questions or comments about the above terms of service please contact support@simcoeharvest.ca or call (705) 999-5273.