Cookstown Greens

thornton, ontario

Meet the Farmers

Family, sustainability, and good whole foods is the successful recipe of Cookstown Greens.


For over 30 years, the Ffrench family has been dedicated to providing fresh, flavourful food grown through ethical and sustainable practices. With over 120 varieties of certified organic produce, Cookstown Greens harvests microgreens and root vegetables year-round on their 100 acres of clay loam land.


Cookstown Greens began as an artisan farm specializing in unique vegetables, delicate garnishes, aromatic herbs and edible flowers sold directly to chefs. Today, Vicky and Mike Ffrench have streamlined their variety of crops in order to focus on mastering the growth of each kind.


As stewards of the land, the Ffrench family takes great care in how they treat the environment and, in turn, how they grow their food. Through their quality soil, natural water supply and natural crop care you can feel good about choosing their crops to feed your family, and have peace of mind on its impact on our Earth.

What Do they Grow?



Root Veggies

Winter Squash

Where Do they Grow?

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