Collingwood Kombucha

meaford, ontario

About The Brand

Christy Deere, Brewmistress/Founder of Collingwood Kombucha is no stranger to natural healing and wellbeing. Inspired by her grandmother’s journey with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Christy knew the benefits of incorporating wholistic, natural practices to better one’s health.  


Christy discovered kombucha when volunteering at Kolapore Gardens organic farm in 2012. She instantly enjoyed the taste of the effervescent beverage and was intrigued by its benefits to gut health. Kolapore Gardens farmer, Mike, sent Christy home with starter kombucha and a SCOBY (the kombucha “mother”, a.k.a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and the rest is history. 


Christy was hooked, and grew her curiosity and creativity into her own brand, Collingwood Kombucha.

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