Barrie Hill Farms

springwater, ontario

Meet the Farmers

For over 50 years, Barrie Hill Farms has been family owned and operated, growing various types of fresh produce and juicy berries. 


Adrien and Evelyn Gervais purchased the farm in 1968 where they grew tobacco for the first 11 years of their farming journey. In 1977, the Gervais family began growing their first crop, strawberries, and found their niche in produce. Blueberries, raspberries, beans, corn, and apples quickly followed and before they knew it, Barrie Hill Farms became a booming business enjoyed by numerous customers who were looking to feed their families farm fresh food. 


Barrie Hill Farms has been passed down for two generations; it is now run by Adrien and Evelyn’s eldest son, Morris, and his family. Hard work, dedication, and loyal community support are all pivotal factors that contributed to the overwhelming success of Barrie Hill Farms. 

Barrie Hill Farms owner, Morris Gervais and family

What Do they Grow?



Ground Veggies

Beans & Peas

Where Do they Grow?

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