Simcoe Harvest is a subscription service for people living in Simcoe County & York Region who care about the environment, want to support local, love to eat healthy, and learn about food..  


Founded in the spring of 2020, our mandate is to create a sustainable local food system and reduce our environmental footprint by supporting local farmers and makers and allowing people to shop from home. Since then, we have delivered to thousands of families and are supporting hundreds of local farmers and small businesses.

Every produce basket includes 100% locally selected items and can be fully customized to suit your changing needs. Adding items from the market such as fresh bread, eggs, meat, and ready meals makes it easy to shop local even if you don’t have time to head to the farmers market every weekend.




Carbon Neutral Deliveries

Enjoy Fresh, Better Tasting Food

Support Local Farms & Businesses

Try Something New

Save Time

Build Our Community

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

While we appreciate how eating local food decreases the overall effects of food transport and energy consumption, we recognize the problem still at hand in reducing carbon emissions and preserving our environment. To help offset the carbon emitted, we participate in a program that calculates our total CO2 emissions and purchases carbon offsets which are distributed to verified forestry projects.

Fighting food waste remains one of the biggest drivers for a sustainable food system.  By only ordering what we sell, we reduce food waste up to 95 percent compared to a grocery store. What we don’t use is donated to local initiatives, food kitchens, shelters and food banks. 


Packaging waste is also a major source of environmental degradation. By delivering orders in reusable cooler bags and using paper bags over plastic – and both only when absolutely necessary – we do everything we can to reduce use of one-time packaging.

Preventing Waste


Giving Back


Every time we shop we make a choice to tell the world what we believe in. At Simcoe Harvest we believe in building our community by supporting local makers and farmers, donating to local food charities and creating fundraising initiatives for causes near and dear to our hearts and homes.